The Great Vacuum Search of 2015

Our search for a vacuum for our RV took SO much longer than I initially anticipated. I thought it would be as simple as going to Target and choosing a unit that picked up pet hair (a HUGE consideration for our dog-and-cat-hair-infused home). It would take another four months before we finally could say that we owned a vacuum. Nothing in life is as simple as just going to Target, it seems…

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 7.31.09 PM

Choices choices. (via)

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On the Road Again (Des Moines->Edmonton) and Reviews, Phil Style! (Pt.2)

Day 5:  Drove out towards Bismarck.  Drove out of my way to get to a Flying J in hopes of a convenient refuel.  This particular Flying J was basically still being built and looked like some shit from Mad Max.  I ran inside to get something resembling breakfast and some coffee.  The kid at the checkout gave me the coffee for free because as he put it, “That shit tastes like shit.”  That kid was awesome, and also correct.  That shit did taste like shit, as advertised.  Good on you, Flying J.
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On the Road Again (Des Moines->Edmonton) and Reviews, Phil Style! (Pt.1)

Once again Selena has messed up and allowed me to grace the respectable pages here in her stead.   I’m here to regale you with the account of how I single handedly drove an RV like, a super long way.  Be forewarned if you have some sort of malfunctioning heart, a tiny baby growing inside you, or are allergic to charming and insightful slice-of-life style essay writing: shit gets real and this tale will take us to wild, exotic locales like Saskatchewan, Northwest Iowa, North and South Dakota.  That’s right, this story has both.
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Adventures in ((Edmonton!))

Six years ago, I was introduced to this little berg known as Edmonton. It was the first time the Lion King was to stop in this Northern Canadian town, and I took full advantage of the sights and sounds, from swimming with Sea Lions at the West Edmonton Mall (the largest mall in North America!), to hiking in Jasper National Park, to filming one of the first ‘episodes’ of my (currently on hiatus) travel show- I was busy last time we were here.

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DIY xyRV- Painting laminate wood is hard!

When we were in the market to buy our RV, our good friend and fellow RV owner Brett told us to “Buy what you WANT.” What he meant was that we should wait to find the coach with the interior color, layout, and hardware that we wanted. After looking at what felt like hundreds of rigs, we hadn’t seen one even close to our aesthetic. (Read: Modern, clean, updated, etc.) Most of the rigs look like they were decorated in the mid-90’s by a low-budget motel owner, and the ones that were modern and fresh were waaaay out of our price range.

2014-09-29 14.08.50

Motel 6? Nope. This is the Housecar as we bought it. Nice, but… boring.

So we decided to buy a rig we could afford, and just renovate the sucker ourselves.
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The 5 Surprising Things I Learned from Being a 6-week RV Expat

For the past two months (Ok, six weeks, but who’s counting… besides me) we have been without our beloved xyRV. Without house, home, and Housecar, we have been ‘forced’ to live the terrestrial life once more. And let me tell you…. I kind of hate it.

Don’t get me wrong- the cities in which we were Housecar-less were awesome. Philadelphia is rife with history and art, and Vancouver is just one beautiful vista after another. But none of it added up to one single night in our HOME.

2014-10-25 12.11.34-1

Love this big guy.

Here are the things I have learned in our six weeks without the RV —

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